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Land Governance and Climate-Smart Agriculture

Access to land is always a problem in African countries, especially for women. Which inevitably is a blockade on food security reached. Already productions are low, then is added the inaccessibility of land, more precisely tenure insecurity. For the case of Madagascar, for example, this case is very common. The fact of not having in possession a land title or at least land certificates are the source of many remaining untapped agricultural surface. Apart from this land insecurity, the effects of climate change are beginning to be felt also on agricultural results. Madagascar, listed as the first African country most vulnerable to climate change is at the center of discussions. If we do not adopt a new strategy  cultivation which is called in agricultural jargon « smart agriculture », production will plummet. Therefore, it is appropriate to adopt a land policy perfect for performing better allocation of agricultural land in the service of production, but also, and not least, train farmers to cope with climate change and adapt to a sustainable agriculture. See more on: