Family agriculture: the pride of being a peasant

The year 2014 has been awarded by the United Nations: International Year of Family Farming (AIAF). To mark the occasion, an entire week was devoted to showcase the family agriculture (from 13 to 17 October 2014) in different areas of the capital, combined with the celebration of World Food Day (WFD) October 16.

By definition, family farming is a form of organization of agricultural production characterized by links between the family and the production unit with use family labor. In this case, there is no separation between family wealth and productive capital. Productions of family farming are generally used for feeding the family, and the surplus, if any, is sold on the market.

agri farm corps
In Madagascar, this kind of agriculture is omnipresent. The statistics report that about 2.5 million farms, 99% are all family farms. This fact confirms the major role of this type of activity in the development of the country. If by habit, family farming is associated with the archaic and low economic efficiency, on the contrary, it holds immense potential to meet the challenges of food security.
For all these reasons, CIRAD in collaboration with AFD has not missed the celebration of this event. Exhibitions around the family and various conferences Agriculture took place in different areas of the capital, including at the University of Antananarivo, the IFM and FOFIFA. Family farming is a chance for Madagascar, it is enough that farms are accompanied by close to become more productive and stimulating economic growth.


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