FIER MADA 2014: Success across the board

The International Fair of Agricultural Economics Madagascar (FIER MADA), 16th edition, held from 6 to 10 August this year in the grounds of St Michel College Amparibe. It was a total success. Over a hundred stalls were present with various product lines and nearly all sectors related to rural areas were represented. It was an opportunity for large firms known to increase their visibility and reputation, but also for the minnows of the sector to create a customer base and make a baptism of fire in the big leagues.

The Fier Mada is an opportunity for all rural stakeholders to be the rendezvous with consumers. Indeed, such an event allows consumers to see firsthand step upstream of the products they consume normally, and to question the main producer on the topics that interest them. Through this fair, links have been forged between producers and consumers and reinforces loyalty Malagasy as to rural products.

Among the companies, institutions, and unconditional projects such events include: prosper Papriz, AROPA, Guanomad, Avitech, Agrivet, SOCOLAIT, PATMAD, Saf FJKM and many others. But the most striking feature was the opening match of new professionals with innovative and authentic products like: Provimi, Makai, or zezika Ainga. This time, Provimi big hit and scored all minds. Founded in 2011 and specializing in the production of free-range chicken (local breed) to flesh, this company has risen up in the statistics of stands that have fueled more attention from visitors.

In short, the Fier Mada was a moment of glory earned for the sectors of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Handicrafts. Looking forward to the next edition.



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